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WordPress is a renowned open-source web development platform to build dynamic, highly customized, and robust web applications. If you are looking for the best WordPress development services, you are at the right place.

Memphis WordPress developer

Exact Precision Company is your full-service web design company in Memphis, TN. Our Memphis web design services are built to help you attract more customers and boost sales.

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Ensure your business’ online growth in this fierce market with Thrive! Our Memphis web design and development agency is committed to helping you succeed online.

Our WordPress Web Design & Development Services

Exact Precisions Delivers Agile Custom solutions. We make a WordPress website, with the latest trends for Web Design and Development. Our WordPress Developers, WordPress Experts, and Project Managers Deliver projects on time. Here is a list of the services we offer.

WordPress Plugin Development

Elevate WordPress site with our WordPress plugin development services. We create easy-to-use plugins for the backend, front end, or third-party components. Trust our WordPress team to develop solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

WordPress Theme Development

We specialize in the creation of custom elevated WordPress theme. We incorporate a variety of theme features so that you have an appealing website.

WordPress Integrations

Integrate your WordPress Website with Third-party tools and applications. With our WordPress Integrations create a cohesive and secure experience. We enable your site to work better with our custom solutions.

WordPress Migration Services

Make your Migration smooth with WordPress Migration Services. We move your content, design, and functionality while ensuring safety. Upgrade with custom migration solutions without the risk of loss, leaks, or downtime.

Maintenance & Support

We use HTML and CSS to make the design of your website flexible. Exact Precisions team is available 24/7 to provide you Support and Maintenance after tasks completed.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Integral to the success of any website, SEO services ensure that Memphis-based businesses rank higher in search engine results, driving more traffic to their sites. We offer On Page & Technical SEO and Off Page SEO Services to crawl and index your website in relevant search results and grow your business.

Custom WordPress web apps

With our Custom WordPress Web apps build secure Web Apps with seamless user experiences.

Custom Built WordPress Website Development Services

We understand the value of a website in today’s digital era. Our developers create mobile-friendly and user-friendly WordPress websites. Our WordPress sites are popular for their dynamic and actionable appeal to customers.

Exact Precisions is a leading WordPress website development company in Memphis offering tailor-made, secure, and highly effective WordPress development services in the USA. Our no-compromise attitude to quality, agile development approach, and customer-centric culture make us a trendsetter in WordPress Development Services.

We have a team of the most talented technical brains who enjoy working with WordPress. They are experts in the domain and stay updated on the latest releases and industry trends. They have accomplished highly challenging WordPress development projects by leveraging their expertise and experience. Hire the most effective WordPress development services to design a website that represents your brand in the best and meaningful manner.

We offer end-to-end WordPress development services to small and medium businesses, government organizations, and startups. And our customers are at the center of the development process.

Our WordPress experts will first understand your business requirements and end goals. They will then design a development strategy that protects your interests and serves your business goals. Furthermore, they offer highly secure WordPress applications that are hard to hack.

A WordPress agency that is trusted by businesses

PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Custom ACF theme created from a boilerplate.

Evolving Trends in Web Development - Memphis TN

PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Custom Elementor WordPress theme with dynamic functionality

linux, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery

Custom WooCommerce work and other web development tasks

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, WooCommerce

Custom WooCommerce plugin created.

linux, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

Calendar events are fetched from a API and imported into WordPress.

linux, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

Complete multi language theme created from designs. Publications are fetched from a API and imported into WordPress.

A custom theme is a unique design created specifically for a website, tailored to its brand, audience, and functionality needs. It provides a distinct look and feel, setting the site apart from others. It’s built from scratch, ensuring that unnecessary code is not included, which can improve site performance.

Converting a website to WordPress involves taking an existing website and replicating it on the platform. This process includes transferring all content, implementing the design within a theme, and ensuring that all functionalities are intact.

Design to WordPress is a process where a web design created in a graphic design tool (like Adobe Photoshop or Sketch) is converted into a theme. This allows designers to create a visual representation of what the site will look like, which developers then convert into a fully functioning theme.

A custom plugin extends the functionality of a website beyond its core capabilities. These plugins are developed to perform specific tasks that are not available in the default WordPress installation. They can range from simple modifications like adding social media feeds to complex e-commerce solutions.

Security in WordPress is crucial to protect your site from threats and vulnerabilities. This includes keeping your installation and plugins up to date, using strong passwords, implementing a reliable security plugin, and regularly backing up your site.

Server migration involves moving a site from one server to another. This could be due to various reasons such as upgrading to a more powerful server, changing providers, or moving a site from a local server to a live one. The process involves transferring all website files and database.

Maintenance & Support

WordPress websites require regular updates to make sure the site continues to run smooth & secure. Maintenance with optional add on support is available to handle updates as well as make regular backups of your website and databases. This is available to any client, past or present.

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