Creating logos for new businesses can be prominent. To the many partisans of a myriad of (successful) brands, the brand logo is the alter ego to the brand itself. Be it the once-bit gray fruit for Apple, the queen-in-concentric for Starbucks Coffee, the suave ‘M’ for McDonalds or the playfully crafted Disney logo, logos have always been indispensable parts of branding. Such is the impact that logos bear on the brand-image that they can be cited as reasons for both the peril and meteoric rise of different brands.

Purpose of brand logos

Logos for brands are pretty similar to faces to for humans. Be that as simple as it may sound, the reason for their existence directly consorts to the image that the brand wants to build for itself. It is the logo that after all differentiates a brand from all and sundry. In other words, brand logo is a chance for any business to express its uniqueness without making a gabble of glib statements.

Identification with the brand

Whether the brand logo identifies with the purpose of the brand or not depends on the way it has been designed. In the past, there have been instances when attempts at logo designing have become the undoing of big names in the game. There is no point in a logo that is at stark loggerheads with the purpose of the brand.

Identification with target customers

A well-designed logo that has creativity written all over it and consorts to the brands image is likely to flop if it fails to connect with people. Here it becomes important for the logo design not just to be true to the purpose of the brand, but at the same time be appealing to people at large. The most successful logos have been the ones that have got rave remarks from general public.

Innovation in design

The possibility for innovation in the design of logos is as vast as the imagination can stretch. There are very many ways to add spark to a logo, the scope of which might be the bone of contention between creative heads. There is color; there is font; and the possibilities are Sisyphean.

Creativity is great, so is simplicity

Given the immense scope of creativity that is always at the disposal of designers, the temptation to create an elaborate logo can be too strong to resist at times. This is where the challenge exists. There is a very thin line and a great difference between being creative with the logo and making a mess out of it. It is worthwhile to mention that some of the most successful logos have been flag bearers of the marriage between a simplistic design and innovation. The example of McDonald’s as cited above bears testimony to the same.

Logos for new businesses

If you are the owner of a freshly found business, odds are the question remains the same for you at the end of the day – how to create a compelling logo for the business? It is best to trust the experts on this. Not all web development and design companies follow the same standards and the choice of such a company ultimately defines the effectiveness of the logo.

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