Boosting Business ROI with Websites

Mobile commerce is gradually outshining e-commerce, forcing market experts and analysts to think strategies differently. Global sales figures of handheld devices that use wireless internet connection clearly indicate that the shoppers now prefer to make purchase while on the move like never before. E-banking has already outpaced traditional banking system and the trend has been successfully carried forward by e-retail outlets. Sites like eBay or Amazon are now globally recognized online shopping destinations and all the major online retail stores have opened their mobile-friendly outlets for the smarter customers out there. It’s clearly the beginning of a new epoch and responsive websites are here to rule! Many business owners are still in a muddle as to how their mobile websites can be worth their investment. But mobile websites actually guarantee high ROI and this article inspects the revenue-earning potentials of m-commerce sites in brief.

Mobile commerce benefits explained for traditional marketers  

Now-a-days, a number of devices support mobile commerce and there are retail sites that are developed keeping in mind the mobile users out there. With Smartphone devices and other smart gizmos having already changed paradigms of retail industry, it is important for business owners to capture a larger share of the market that lies in the growing community of mobile phone users. The growth opportunities for the mobile market are enormous, and even bordering on infinity. If you are still undecided about starting your own mobile store to reach many more prospective customers, it’s high time for you to hire someone who knows how to design responsive websites. How are responsive websites different from their immediate predecessors? We will explain it later. But for now, let’s take a cursory glance at some exciting facts and figures that indicate a tremendous growth of the mobile commerce market.

E commerce burgeoning every single day

1 in 10 customers today are using their mobile devices to buy products and services of their choice and need. Worldwide m-commerce growth has outpaced e-commerce growth by almost 200%. 63% more people are likely to shop from their mobile phones in the next few years. 61% people already think that brands that have their mobile websites are somehow better than their competitors. More importantly, just when market analysts thought that email marketing died, it is again picking up. However, email marketing should now be targeted towards mobile users as they are more comfortable with the idea of push-up mails, BBM etc. 48% of their time online shoppers spent on mobile sites in the second quarter of 2013.

Brands that went mobile and got high ROI

Top brands across industries have already reaped benefits with their far-sighted mobile commerce strategies. BMW started sending MMS to their customers and increased conversion by 30%. McDonalds created a ‘restaurant finder’ mobile application just to facilitate its later-night patrons to find outlets that remain open even after 11 pm (most of their outlets close by 11 o’ clock worldwide). The app was downloaded by thousands of customers and it certainly helped McD to boost their sales. Verizon introduced QR codes for conducting a Facebook competition and it soon gained popularity among netizens. Examples are aplenty and let’s not stretch it any longer for now.

Is mobile commerce for your business?

There was a time when having a business website was kind of optional and many entrepreneurs used to skip that part. Now-a-days, websites are considered indispensable for business growth. Responsive websites are fit for all screen sizes and resolutions and can be easily opened on any device your customers are using. Therefore, mobile websites are for every business, small and big. Having a responsive website for your business simply means that your brand name gets on many more lips.

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