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2013 is here and with the beginning of the New Year, businesses have taken up fresh endeavors and set new goals to attain. However, the disappointment of the last year is not really a history as many entrepreneurs may suppose. The total topsy-turvy condition of the SERP ranking following the Google algorithm revision still impacts the exposure received by the optimized sites. Collecting snippets from Craig Grannell’s prediction for this year and following the web design trend for a while, a few conclusions have been drawn which can be used to develop the top 5 hottest Memphis, TN web design tips for the year 2013.

Below follow the five pointers that every website owner should surf through at least once, before they decide to give their website a makeover this year.


According to the top web design Memphis, TN firms, it is the design of a website that gives it a certain face and personality. So, your website design should have the matter in it to tell the story without having the visitors to read the content. Now this is a little difficult to achieve, but not entirely impossible. Think of what your business message is and how you can put forth through the design. The more explicit it gets, the better it is for your business.

Multi-Device Compatible

This has been the slogan of the web designing Tennessee experts since 2011. With the explosion in the market of mobile devices, websites are required to be more compatible and flexible to different resolutions and environments. The pixel ratio, resolution, interface, etc. have to be the same for this year so that the entire design is supported by all kinds of devices, from desktops to tablets.

More Slots for Video Integration

Pictures tell a better story than words, if you ask a viewer. This is precisely why so many movies are made in adaptation of novels. So, the experts are of the opinion that incorporation of more video slots in the design will help to attract viewers to it. Further, uploading quirky videos that the users find interesting can not only impel the m to come back sporadically for more, but also trigger viral marketing. So, the design should be accommodating to multiple videos to ensure that you have a content rich site.

Place for Resource Pooling

A design should be receptive to all kinds of resources: textual, visual, graphical, etc. So, a dynamic design can be created only when multiple resources can be accommodated in it without cluttering the face or making things look overly added.

Experimental, Yet Functional

Last, but not the least, a little experimentation is necessary to be made in order to make it outstanding in the myriad. However, this should not be done at the cost of the functionality of the site.

Balancing is the key to create a responsive and fully effective web design this year.

Memphis, TN web design agencies are following a different set of thumb rules for the new year. Exact Precisions is one such web designing Memphis, TN Company that have inculcated the rules following the market trend. If you are in search of effective and result-oriented web designing services, contact Exact Precisions.

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